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    The official website of Aralee Dorough

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Welcome to Flutist or Flautist – my new website for flute players of all kinds!

Here you can purchase my latest recording, COLOURS, read about ideas on flute-playing in Tips and follow my Blog.

As a full-time professional musician, and mom, I have only limited time for concertizing and teaching outside of Houston, but I hope you will visit me here on the site and come back often to see what’s new. Please go to Masterclasses if you are interested in coming to a class in Houston. Look at Study With if you are interested in graduate study at the Moores School of Music.

The Houston Symphony is what’s called in the industry a 52-week season orchestra (of which there are only about 18 in the U.S.) and I am honored to say that it has been my musical home for the past 28 seasons. I have learned so much from all the musicians I’ve worked with there and I continue to look forward to every rehearsal and concert.

The enjoyment I get from playing in the orchestra is visceral. I love that instant of “breaking the silence” in a quiet, but full, auditorium. I love the sensation of making sound in the the midst of all manner of vibration during some of music’s great cacophonous moments. When everything is working well for me, playing the flute feels so comfortable. It is that perspective of how it feels and what works for me that I want to share on this site.

A great deal of what I have to share comes from my teachers. Music is one of those disciplines where information gets passed on directly, like an apprenticeship, person to person, and generation to generation. Wherever you see a successful musician, you can be certain he or she is indebted to at least one special teacher, and by extension, that teacher’s teacher. I have had several special teachers, and there are two in particular I could not have written this website without. Bob Willoughby continues to be an inspiration to me to this day. With great patience, wit and guile, he explained pretty much all there is to know about musicianship and flute playing my 4 years at Oberlin. All that was left for me to do was go practice! Later on, when I was already playing professionally, in the Houston Symphony, I discovered another transformative coach, someone who helps me figure out the things I couldn’t seem to figure out on my own. Mentor and friend Keith Underwood is the reason I can often say, “flute playing feels so easy!”

But truly my first and most influential music teacher, as well as an ongoing source of inspiration and encouragement, is my father, Bob Dorough (jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer of Schoolhouse Rock fame). His musical sensibilities–his impeccable care to detail, yet at the same time, a no-holds-barred attitude come concert time, and his incredible ability to really “say something” to his audience–are the things I’ve admired and made part of my own core values as a performer.

- Aralee Dorough